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13 July 2009 @ 02:41 pm
So to start the community's new lease on life, let's have a themeset! It's obvious that some inspiration could probably get people writing again, so let's have one that's relevant!
Theme set: Summer

01. Break
02. Beaches
03. Monsoon
04. Sunburn
05. Vacation
06. Heat
07. Humid
08. Water
09. Lazy
10. Nights
11. Picnic
12. Lemonade
13. Swimming
14. Siesta
15. Perspiration
16. Tan
17. Campout
18. Girlfriend/Boyfriend
19. Thunderstorm
20. Dry
guidelinesCollapse )
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13 July 2009 @ 12:48 pm
New community layout is done.

We're now caught up to the rest of the world with a nice, shiny S2 layout. The tags will now display correctly, and it shouldn't glitch in other browsers anymore.

Let me know what you think and if there's any problems?
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05 July 2009 @ 04:21 pm
This is the new rule post. These are the only rules aside from posting format, which can be found in the profile.

10 simple rules to avoid pissing off the mod (:Collapse )
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05 July 2009 @ 03:34 pm
Okay, so for the past... really long time, I have been sorely neglecting this community. So I've come to the decision that rather than shutting it down or abandoning it, what I'm going to do is make the community, basically, a claims-free fic community. All themes from past months are open, just keep the original 20-facts format. These "facts" can be sentences, short paragraphs, full-length fics, and so on.

I might post themes every once in a while, but I just wanted to thank all of the members for contributing and making this such a fun place in the Fire Emblem fandom! And I'm sorry for being such a crappy mod ):

In sum: Write what you want, keep with the format. No claims necessary. Enjoy yourselves!

I'll be editing the rules to reflect these changes for new members (:

Also, there will be a new, S2-type layout coming... soon. idk when, but sometime. Have a nice day! :D
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Helooooo, dead com?

Title: Twenty Moments in the Life of Astrid Damiell
Author: Lazulidragon
Warnings: A inordinately large number of OCs to fill out her family and such, one of whom is rather foul-mouthed, for which I apologize profusely.
Rating: PG-13?
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: I do not own Fire Emblem, nor am I profiting from this fanwork in any way. I'll bet you forgot I was even writing this, yeah? God knows I almost did. Originally I claimed this under the August theme list, but I kind of abandoned that a long time ago. Er, sorry. And I should probably add, spoilers for all of FE 9, and heavy influence from FE 10.

("I mean I will not marry him,” Astrid snapped, “and it does not matter what you say, I will not change my mind!”)
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Title: Once Called a King
Author: measuringlife
Series: FE10
Character/Pairing/Group/Whatever: Pelleas, assorted hints of PelleasMicaiah And SotheMicaiah. Also various Almedha and Izuka.
Word Count: 3,002
Warnings: Possible spoilers
Rating: no more than PG
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: FE10 = not mine. This follows the second playthrough path, and probably has spoilers. The references to the “tale of the past lands” is Arthurian in nature because Daein is filled with people of Arthurian names. Seriously, Gawain, Pelleas – I even have a crack theory that the name Greil is actually a scrambled Japanese rendering of Grail. But seriously, digression, ‘that is another story’ etc.

Once Called A KingCollapse )
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Title: Silver Secrets
Author: starlitlady
Character/Pairing/Group/Whatever: Seth, Seth/Eirika
Word count: 793
Warnings: None. :3
Rating: G/PG tops.
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: I don't own Fire Emblem. Also, King Fado, Eirika, Ephraim, Kyle, Forde, Franz, and Joshua make appearances. :D

Seth, The Silver KnightCollapse )
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Title: A Skeptic's Litany
Author: ergoipsofacto
Character/Pairing/Group/Whatever: Rennac, everyone he supports with except Tethys.
Word count: 1036
Warnings: None
Rating: Pretty sure this is a G
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Don't own, not profiting, debt of gratitude to FEDR but seriously you can take my Rennac muse back any time you want. He's starting to sound like my uncle.

In short, it’s hopeless and he isn’t even going to try anymore.Collapse )
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Title: Map the Stars
Author: myaru // Amber Michelle
Character/Pairing: Sanaki
Word Count: 3277
Warnings: n/a, see note.
Rating: T
Notes: I guess this counts as Lehran/Sanaki. I TRIED NOT TO. At least she's older? Appearances made by Micaiah and Lehran, very short cameos by Naesala and Leanne.

I-it's a... list. It turns out I have issues with format...

[ 20 what-ifs or things that could have been. ]
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08 August 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Title: 20 Times Naesala Was Surprised
Author: misheard
Character/Pairing/Group/Whatever: Naesala
Word Count: 728
Warnings: Spoilers for FE10, het, accidental/unwanted slash.
Rating: T
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: I went back and got up-to-date on my modly duties. Sorry, guys~ I think the completed post needs to be fixed, too?

Naesala does his best to make everyone believe that he is unflappable, always poised and in control, and never surprised by anything. This is a bunch of lies.Collapse )
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